Wooden you like some links?

chain on wood floor.jpg

Oh, my.

What would you swear on?

Adulthood, described.

Eyeballs FTW!

Custody battle.

This is for my fellow grammar punctuation Nazis.

Links from Chris.

Cheetahs purr.

Meghan Markle was always awesome.

Emotional baggage.

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5 Responses to Wooden you like some links?

  1. Fezzik came running from the porch when he heard the cheetahs. Cats are so smart!
    The 97 year old at the library is total inspiration.
    and the monster cat bed.
    Thanks for another great LINKS post

  2. gayle says:

    I love that cat bed! And meowing cheetahs are way past cool. 8)

  3. k says:

    We have fooled Katniss often enough with the kitties on the computer. She just looks at us like, “really? That’s the best you can do?” and walks away.
    I have fountain pens that belonged to my mother and my father. I told Daughter she must keep them when I go. I would swear on those.

  4. mlegan says:

    I used to think that being an adult meant I could buy a candy bar whenever I wanted to -and I do! The Meghan Markle bit is so sweet.

  5. Nicole says:

    Awesome about the purring cheetahs!

    And the emotional baggage tote is really cool. I know people I’d love to give that to, but I fear they’d take it the wrong way. 😉

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