Things that make me say, “Hmmm…”


Not me.

  • When driverless cars are perfected, we can all knit as we *drive*
  • “ ‘Old Bill,’ dead in London, was a carrier pigeon. He carried messages during the first year of the big war from British army and air forces in France and Belgium back to London and lost a leg. Brought back to England by an invalid soldier, he enjoyed life for many years, and now has laudatory ‘obituary notices’ in English papers.“ ‘Old Bill’ flew back and forth in the big war and lost a leg without ever knowing why he was flying or why he had to lose that leg.”But ‘Old Bill’ was no more ignorant than a majority of the soldiers over whose heads he flew on errands that he did not understand.”— The Evening Review [East Liverpool, Ohio], June 21, 1934 via
  • I am occasionally overcome with an intense desire to be near an ocean or other very large body of water so I can hear the gull overhead. (Maybe I should instruct my sons that I want my nursing home to be in Maine.)
  • Elder Son now lives in the desert southwest, roughly 250 miles from Mexico, but he called Wisconsin last week to get my enchilada recipe. Go figger.
  • The sausage I used to make sauerkraut soup last week was labeled “smoked fresh sausage.” Isn’t that an oxymoron? Something is either smoked or it is fresh; it cannot be both.
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10 Responses to Things that make me say, “Hmmm…”

  1. Kym says:

    Okay. You make me laugh. (Fresh smoked sausage . . . ) And I never thought about knitting while driving a driverless car. Intriguing!

  2. ninlouise says:

    Please consider sharing your enchilada recipe! It must be especially, special! 🙂

  3. gayle says:

    What? Your nearby lakes aren’t covered in gulls? We’ve got them, and our lakes are finger-y rather than great… 8)
    And yeah, that fresh smoked sausage is a bit of a head-scratcher, isn’t it?

  4. ninlouise says:

    I’ve searched and found your version. Your kid was right to love it above all others. Thanks!

  5. Kat with a K says:

    You make me laugh! An oxymoron indeed! Perhaps they meant freshly smoked!

  6. Nicole says:

    Or maybe it was smoked when it was fresh? (Though I wouldn’t want to eat something that was smoked *after* it was fresh…)

    I have been wanting a driverless car to be good enough that I can knit while driving ever since I heard about them. Sadly you still need your hands on the wheel even with autopilot. We’re not quite there yet…

  7. I’d love your enchilada recipe please! When you have time

  8. =Tamar says:

    I don’t care who’s driving, I won’t knit while I am a passenger either. One sudden stop and a needle through the heart or eye can spoil your whole day.

  9. Ann Mailhot says:

    I had to drive my daughter to and from college for the Thanksgiving break (3 hours each way), and I kept thinking about knitting in a driverless car on each solo leg. Would make it a lot more pleasant!

  10. k says:

    Fresh means not frozen. I know, I am a party pooper. I don’t knit in a car either. too much stuff outside the window.

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