Winter is coming here.


This is significantly warmer than when Smokey checked the temp at 2am, when it was 2˚F.

So, what did I find when I walked into my office (carrying HOT! coffee)?

IMG_1154 2.jpg

Terrible, unfocused iPhone photo. 


You must add this second kitteh to the first kitteh photo.

The two cats were snuggled together on my desk chair for warmth, but by the time I got my phone off the charger and came back, Louise had jumped off and gone to explore the dinner dish.

Yep, when winter arrives all cats revert to their cold-weather state: heat-seeking missiles.

* * * * *

How about a kitten update? (since y’all have been involved from the beginning)

Thelma and Louise  have achieved near-adult size, although that does not translate into near-adult behavior. They are still kittens in that respect (yay!) Louise in particular will suddenly dash off at full speed through the house for no apparent reason other than the sheer joy of doing so. Makes me smile every time!

Thelma has gone through a rough couple months. She developed a severe upper respiratory infection back in September, so bad that I took her to an emergency Sunday appointment at our vet clinic because it seemed bad enough that we weren’t sure she could wait until Monday. A shot (of some mystery drug; I forgot to ask what it was, exactly) and a course of antibiotics relieved her malaise, but her snotty nose and congestion continued. And continued.

We kept telling ourselves that it was getting better, but that may have been pure optimism on our parts. Smokey took her back to the vet earlier this week; another shot and the recommendation that we give her lysine on a daily basis. We haven’t started yet, and maybe we won’t bother. Anyway, that second shot seems to have almost completely eliminated her symptoms; only one small bouger per day, vs. several gross dried globs that I had to pick off (the only thing grosser than picking one’s own nose is picking someone/something else’s). Time will tell if she is cured; based on the tiny bit of research I did for the lysine vs. herpes thing, I am hopefully pessimistic. (Or pessimistically hopeful. Yeah, I know those are oxymorons.) But she is definitely more lively since this latest vet visit.

Cats vs. dogs, v.1: Lady is largely indifferent to the cats. Louise in particular seems to be fond of that sweet dog; we have observed her rubbing on Lady and even giving her affectionate licks on the snout. Misha, however, found early on that if she chased Thelma, Thelma would run. And… the chase was on! No amount of scolding the dog seemed to make much of a difference. Misha’s prey instinct was too strong for mere reprimands. And Thelma hung around the part of the house that was blocked off from the dogs, which meant that we didn’t see her much.

Cats vs. dogs, v.2: Since Thelma’s second shot, she is less likely to fear Misha and has come completely out of her self-imposed seclusion. This is most excellent news!

In other cat-related trivia, we had a difficult time telling these two black shorthairs apart when we first got them, so I hied myself to WallyWorld and got them each a collar, red for Louise and blue for Thelma. Success! If we ever wanted to teach the cats their names, it seemed essential that we know which was which so we could call each one by its proper name.

Those of you with multiple children and/or pets will identify with this: sometimes I had to go through all the pertinent names before arriving at the correct one to say yell, THELMA! (or LOUISE!) NO! Thus, I found myself referring to them as The Red Team (Louise) or The Blue Team (Thelma), based on their collars. It is apparently easier to pluck a cat’s associated color from the dark recesses of my brain that its name.


Louise in particular is becoming adept at removing her collar.

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4 Responses to Winter is coming here.

  1. Diane says:

    Love this. Our cats, named by Grandson Jacob, are called “Black”: and “Stripe” Believe he felt it would be easy for his elderly grandparents to remember the names if he made it really simple. la I drove to Clayton so I could get a black cat…they’ve always b een my favorite. Love that you like them too !

  2. Kat with a K says:

    AWWW! They are too cute!

  3. Nicole says:

    So adorable! Nice to have a kitten update. I hope this second shot has cured Thelma of whatever it was that ailed her!

  4. Nicole says:

    (Also: cats as heat-seeking missiles! Love it.)

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