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While I am not in favor of beautiful blondes wearing 5″ heels, I do like this music. It always amazes me how lovely thrash metal can sound when done in another way.

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Things that make me say, “Hmmm…”

When driverless cars are perfected, we can all knit as we *drive* “ ‘Old Bill,’ dead in London, was a carrier pigeon. He carried messages during the first year of the big war from British army and air forces in … Continue reading

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Twisted knitting links.

. Purple wolf FTW! I may need to take up cross stitch again. Fixing brioche with a crochet hook or with just your needles. (This one makes no sense to me.) I think she is doing it wrong.) All you long-haired … Continue reading

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Did I show you my calendar?

You can have one, too! or her store at Cafe Press. No need to wait until December, either;  right now you can specify whether you want the calendar to start in the next three months. Disclaimer: I have received … Continue reading

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People get [chain-] linked.

There’s no statute of limitations on consequences, which apparently comes as an unhappy surprise to a lot of dudes. Dream on (or wait until you are >65 — you might achieve that dream, if you are lucky.) This needs to … Continue reading

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I started an analysis of my knitting future a while back. This is the kind of thing math geeks do for fun. Download stash from Ravelry into an Excel s/s. Total up the “yards remaining” column. (140,000, more or less) … Continue reading

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It’s turkey day!

Did you bring the turkey? I’m off to New Mexico today to celebrate with Elder Son, et al. Hope your turkey day is filled with happy family and good things to eat. (And if your team wins, so much the … Continue reading

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Lots of reading and listening to report: The Snowman by Jo Nesbo. Three stars, which is my standard rating for a good book. (Four stars requires that it be outstanding imo, and five stars means that it changed my life. … Continue reading

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Nonsense, Patricia.

This has been sitting on my desktop for seven months. Time to publish! (Can you tell I am running a bit low on blog material?)

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Yarnbomb FTW!

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