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FFotD, etc.

It has become a tradition for us to spend a few days on the North Shore every year in mid-October to celebrate our wedding anniversary. (43 years!) And thus, again this year. we spent a few blissful and restful days … Continue reading

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Unraveled (for realz).

Joining Kat and friends. I had a couple handknits that I had made but which I never, or almost never, wore. Awhile back it occurred to me that I could frog them and reclaim the yarn. Here is their story. … Continue reading

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Links to warm up the hands.

Dual-purpose knitting needles. Good news! via Art on your hands. Someone else believes in framing the squares. We do what we need to do. Let’s make some potholders! “Um, did you block a flatworm?” This may be the cutest … Continue reading

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The cowl sisters!

Smokey and I had brunch with Cathy–Cate and her husband, Mike, today. They spent the weekend in our area to canoe the river, admire the fall colors, and attend a local fiber festival. As requested, she brought along her yarny purchases … Continue reading

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Autumn links.

Autumn quotes. Floaty friend cabbages, aka buoyant cabbages of love. The new health care plan! Truth. This 15-yo girl is my hero. My words, among others, are supercomputer, pinwale, doublethink, and cerveza  (and Cobb salad). How to have a happy … Continue reading

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Button box FTW!

But first, the Foliage Foto of the Day. Anyway. I recently discovered — as I was getting dressed for the first of the recent reunions — that my chosen shirt was missing a button right at bust level. Since we … Continue reading

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People in my travels. And stuff.

So what about all those trips you took in August and September, Kat™? Are you ever going to tell us about those, huh? Here it is in picture format. This of this as the National Geographic version of my travels, … Continue reading

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Graded yarn.

Um, nope. Um, yes! On losing a sewing needle. Unraveling. Like we were hunting unicorns instead of roadside weeds. via New knitting group. Related. A new technique. It is good to have a helper.

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FFotD and In honor of my friend Debra’s retirement.

My internet friend Debra, who invited me to join her in southern IL for the total eclipse, retired on Friday. While posting a Happy retirement! message to her on Facebook, I found a number of funnies she had posted over … Continue reading

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Traffic links us all.

Things to brighten your day. Word. A year of Momo’s face. Millenials. The tag line is worth a million bucks. How long until this is an Olympic sport? WTF, Zeus? Hear me roar. via

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