FFotD, etc.


This foliage photo (local telco office) is unrelated to the following post.

It has become a tradition for us to spend a few days on the North Shore every year in mid-October to celebrate our wedding anniversary. (43 years!) And thus, again this year. we spent a few blissful and restful days in a log cabin.


Smokey brought along a jigsaw puzzle.


Never let it be said that I will boycott a puzzle just because it is not an image I might have chosen.

We stayed at Lamb’s Resort in one of the original cabins, probably from the 1920s.


Find the dogs in the photo. They were helping me read on the porch.

I had forgotten my insulated coffee tumbler at home and lamented to Smokey that I would have to drink my coffee from a glass.

IMG_0960 2.jpg

“There are no cups here!” I whined. I had the best laugh of the year when he pointed out that there were, in fact, plenty of cups available.


Weather was beautiful for two of the three days we were there.

This is a tradition I can really get behind. Until next year….

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9 Responses to FFotD, etc.

  1. Carole says:

    That looks wonderful and like the kind of getaway Dale and I would enjoy as well. Happy Anniversary to you and Smokey!

  2. gayle says:

    Happy anniversary! Looks like a perfect way to celebrate!

  3. Diane says:

    Looks simply lovely!

  4. Kat with a K says:

    Happy Anniversary to you both! What a beautiful place to celebrate!

  5. I love a cabin near a quiet lake. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Thanks for the relaxing photos

  6. Nicole says:

    Happy Anniversary! That looks like a lovely tradition. And I also love the FFotD. The red & green juxtaposition always makes me happy.

  7. Kym says:

    What a perfect get-away! Happy anniversary! XO

  8. KSD says:

    Oh, I love jigsaw puzzles! One of the things I was sure to bring back from my parents’ house were all my mother’s puzzles. Lots of memories there.

  9. Victoria says:

    That looks like a nice place! We stayed at a different resort not far from there a few years ago on our way to Grand Marais. So pretty up there…

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