Button box FTW!

But first, the Foliage Foto of the Day.


Observed on the way to the second reunion. Rose hips!


The circled area is


…this dude’s butt. Or maybe the back of his boots. Hard to say, really.


I recently discovered — as I was getting dressed for the first of the recent reunions — that my chosen shirt was missing a button right at bust level. Since we were away from home and I had not brought extra clothes, I kinda had to go with it. Happily, the shirt is quite generous so there was no gappage.


Last week I dumped out The Button Box to see if I had seven matching buttons in the right size and appropriate color.


No luck with black buttons, but all was not lost.


Score! The buttons are all gray, not gold-brownish as they look here, and I put the non-pearly ones at the bottom of the blouse so the discrepancy in pearliness was not noticeable.

I checked the inside of the side seams of the blouse before starting this project, hoping that the makers had included the usual extra button. Nope.

As I was sewing on the last button — the one at the bottom of the placket — guess what I discovered. Yup, an extra button. What yahoo puts the extra button in a non-standard place?

and there you have my latest rant about something so minuscule no one else cares.

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11 Responses to Button box FTW!

  1. kayT says:

    I hate hate hate sewing on buttons so that “unnecessary” sewing would really make me mad. Not minuscule at all! (And why is that “minuscule” instead of “miniscule?” Spelling is weird/wierd.)

  2. Kym says:

    Those are lovely buttons, Kat. I bet the silver lining . . . is that the blouse looks even better with special, contrast-y buttons!

  3. gayle says:

    Well at least you now have a spare set of buttons for the shirt?
    I, too, loathe button sewing. I feel your pain.
    (Where did they hide the extra button?)

  4. Kat with a K says:

    Beautiful buttons! And, I how the stitching on is easier than I am thinking (I too do not like that task!)

  5. Nicole says:

    I have never decided if I dislike it more when spare buttons are placed in odd places, or when they’re given to you in a plastic baggie instead of being stitched to the shirt. I always lose them when they’re not sewn on.

    In related news, I need to start a button box.

  6. Carole says:

    Great job solving the problem but I love that you called the blouse manufacturer a yahoo! LOL

  7. k says:

    I always cut off the extra button and put it in a safe place…somewhere.

  8. WEll I enjoyed the rose hips photos! I have a rose blossom on a new plant from this spring. It was given to me after my mom died. It is teeny mini rose, but I love it

  9. Cathy-Cate says:

    I admit that I didn’t think that was that guy’s BUTT.
    I emailed you, my dear, but don’t know if you still have the same email address so thought I should contact you this way also! Because THIS WEEKEND.

  10. KSD says:

    I loved going through my mother’s button box. Shiny, smooth, pretty colors, comforting sounds. . .

  11. =Tamar says:

    The base of the statue is quite different, and what shows in the picture is all statue, so it is showing both butt and boots. But not buttons.

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