Throw-back Thursday: October 2010.

Nest; originally posted 10/10/10 (Wow, see what I did there?)

Matthew is here today to get new brakes on his car and to help Smokey do some other car stuff. A few minutes ago he came running into the house to show me what he had just snapped with his camera phone.

Nest 1

Behold: the biggest wasp nest we have seen in recent memory.

Hmm, guess we don’t use that door much. Maybe when I was designing the house I could have left it out…

Nest 2

Nest 3

Watch out, little ladybu– oh, wait, that’s one of those annoying Asian ladybugs.

Nest 4


For now, while the wasps are active, we will just let them be. In a few weeks it will be cold enough that they will be sluggish. Then we will knock down the nest and burn it. ::wicked laugh::

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3 Responses to Throw-back Thursday: October 2010.

  1. Wow thats a very large paper nest! Bee careful!

  2. Ruth Flanders says:


  3. Nicole says:

    Yikes! I need an update – how did the 2010 wasp extermination go?

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