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Happy Halloween [links]!

Surprise! Perfect hat to keep your ears warm while trick-or-treating. Wonder dog! Pumpkin! Pumpkins! Cuteness personified at the above link. Best Halloween costume. Too late for this year; start now for 2018. A crocheted scarf for Halloween. What to wear as … Continue reading

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Yarny goodness.

The Exorcist… in crochet. About a chair. If it weren’t something that would take me years, I would knit this using these colors. Who’s got your undies, Walter? The former math major in me wants to know if this is true. … Continue reading

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Hello, winter!

A week ago it was 70˚. On Wednesday it was windy here but not cold; on Lake Superior, 100 miles north, there were hurricane force winds and 25- to 30-foot waves. Thursday was calm and sunny. Friday, however; the air … Continue reading

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Networking the links.

Sing Sing reviews. Where to find the good life in the US: state and city. Give that dog a purple heart! A crowd of 65,000 sings “Bohemian Rhapsody“perfectly while waiting for a Green Day concert. No.Just.No. Neil Gaiman on love … Continue reading

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Food, glorious food!

I have found myself collecting recipes over the past couple months, something I haven’t done in a long time. My renewed interest in cooking stems from a couple things: I have backed away from some of my volunteer activities so … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday: October 2006.

Remember the Dulaan Project? That’s where these FOs were destined.  08 October 2006 In which I display [lots of] FOs… …and more pictures than you may want to see. My apologies to those on dial-up. No. 1 (each stripe is … Continue reading

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Unraveled and reading.

My thumbs are much better, thank you very much! When Cathy-Cate and I were chatting about knitting injuries a couple weeks ago she mentioned in passing that she had had to switch from continental-style knitting to English style when she … Continue reading

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Tangled up in blue-gray. And explanation of the green.

An interesting sleeve technique. There is still time to knit a pumpkin. Or a bat. Or a pumpkin set. Probably not time to knit a sweater, though; you could buy one ready-made. Don’t remember if I told y’all about* this. … Continue reading

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FFotD & helping.

I am currently knitting teeny hats for the East African Preterm Birth Initiative. These little honeys ares pure stash-busting, potato-chip knitting for a good cause. I am using the worsted weight pattern at the linked site, but there are sport … Continue reading

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Sprocketing the links.

Wild turkey behavior explained. I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want. Witchcraft! Iceland FTW! Even as I donate excess tote bags to Goodwill, I ordered one of these. How do you carry your keys? David Bowie … Continue reading

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