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A bridge is a link.

The very best response to tRUMP’s offensive inanities about taking the knee. Probably true. Oh, yeah, it’s that time of year again. Make smart choices. The good timeline. IPhone users need to see this. Literary brooches. Know your flag etiquette. … Continue reading

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Foliage photo of the day, etc.

Let’s do some bullets, ‘kay? I cooked my right hand in a heating pad on Wednesday night. Thursday morning, as I write this, that hand definitely feels better than the left. Heat FTW! Thank you all for your many suggestions … Continue reading

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Three things.

Three things I am NOT doing. Knitting. This is really, really hard, but I know that letting those thumbs rest for awhile (weeks? months? ::sob::) is the best thing I can do for myself. . Eating. Well, I am eating, … Continue reading

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Foliage photo of the day and Unraveled Wednesday #11.

Not all of the autumn foliage change in in the trees. From upper left: milkweed in the ditch; Virginia creeper on a sapling; a soybean field nearly ready to harvest. Given that my thumbs are non-functional for knitting, let me … Continue reading

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Well, it may not be everyone’s definition of a tragedy, but when I tell you about it I am sure that you will agree with me that it IS a tragedy. Both my thumb joints — the¬†carpometacarpal joint, to be … Continue reading

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Squarely knitting. Or knitting squares. You choose.

I keep seeing this shawl EVERYWHERE! (Surprise! Not everyone knits it in the canonical colors.) This is going to be fabulous.¬† Oh, kittehs… The cuteness overwhelms. Yin yang kittehs. Biodiversity reclamation suits. “Yarn is patient.” We all need a Captain … Continue reading

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Linking rust and moss.

Disruption is not created equally. “People talk about the US as a Christian nation, but a better description would be a white Protestant nation that often made life uncomfortable for other groups.” And now for something pleasant: winning astronomy photographs. … Continue reading

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Arrrgg, mateys!

Yarnbombing like a pirate.

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Blue. Yarn.

For those of you still working. On my shoulder. Not sure which is worse, the sweater or the harsh lighting. A beautiful knitting journal.

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More nervy links.

The hammered dulcimer makes beautiful music. I did a double-take. Everybody likes bubbles. On sending children back to school. via The Waffle House index. ditto An economic argument for later school start times for teenagers. Memories of 9/11. Links … Continue reading

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