Thoughts on being in a different part of the country.


  • The scenery got a lot better after leaving Indiana and Ohio.
  • It seemed like we went downhill a lot between Buffalo NY and Worcester MA.
  • I suppose that means I will be going uphill on the way back tomorrow and the next day.
  • Glad I am not doing this on a bike.
  • That last bullet point was supposed to be in italics, but my iPad won’t cooperate.
  • Did I tell you yesterday’s lobster roll post was done on my phone?
  • Speaking of technology, the satnav in my car is awesome sauce. (Although it was extremely helpful to have a second pair of eyes sometimes.)
  • QGD1 and I listened to Al Franken’s latest book for most of the trip. Fun!
  • Folks in the Boston area use otherwise idle land next to the expressway for some largish solar panel arrays. (Yay!)
  • The road system in the Boston area is awfully complicated. (Boo!)
  • Did I mention how useful the satnav was? (Yay!)
  • I am very glad I didn’t have to navigate it with a paper map.
  • There were upperclassmen hanging around in front of QGD1’s residence hall for the express purpose of unloading cars and helping move incoming students’ belongings to their rooms.
  • More awesome sauce!
  • The area between Worcester, where I am staying, and Medford, where Tufts is located, is amazingly rugged. Steep hills and deep ravines (although the expressways were relatively level) and everything heavily wooded.
  • I kinda felt like I was back in northern WI.
  • Dinner tonight with Carole and Dale!
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8 Responses to Thoughts on being in a different part of the country.

  1. ninlouise says:

    I’m glad you chose Al for company on your trek. I think I enjoyed his reading more than any audio book I have found so far.
    The lobster roll image was upsetting. I am so starved for ‘seafood’. I am defrosting freezer-burned shrimp right this moment to recreate an almost-lobster moment. :((

  2. Carole says:

    The downward slope was the incline to sea level! And yeah, Boston roads are not tourist friendly AT ALL. I’m glad your navigation system is getting you where you need to be and I’ll see you SOON!

  3. Kat with a K says:

    I am eagerly anticipating your tales of the ‘Burgh… and visiting with you!

  4. gayle says:

    I would rather take out my own appendix with a soupspoon than drive in Boston. I don’t even like to RIDE in Boston…

  5. cant wait to hear about your Carole meet up. Fun bullet point post

  6. Nicole says:

    Hooray for awesome satnavs! Even more hooray for human navigators and company!

    It sounds like the upperclassmen were quite nice to incoming freshmen. I don’t remember that from my college days… though, my university was really spread out, with dorms all over the place.

  7. =Tamar says:

    I used to drive in Boston occasionally, and for some reason I always got lost in the same way and found a parking place to read the map – and it was almost always the same parking place. Once, someone was in “my” place and I felt absurdly miffed.

  8. Boston driving is never fun, especially on move-in week. or…any week. Lobster is the best reward for thinking you can just go around the block but then getting lost in a warren of 1 way streets that never go back to where you want to be. But its definitely not as boring as that endless Indiana stretch.(Sorry hoosiers).

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