Off again!


More traveling! Leaving this morning to drive QGD1 to Tufts University in Boston. Three days in the car: bonding time!

I will be traveling nearly 6,500 miles in a 6-week period*, thereby roughly doubling the mileage on the Rogue since purchase. Yikes. The car will be due for an oil change the instant before I get back.

[whine] I discovered after a couple days at home that the three days in the car for the eclipse trip had done a number on my back. No pain during the trip — the driver’s seat is very comfortable and has excellent support. But the pain means I need to do back exercises morning and night while on the road; maybe those will enable me to walk upright after the trip. No guarantees, though. Also, the arthritis in my hands does not really like gripping a steering wheel for an extended period. [/whine]

No worries, though; I have 60+ hours of audiobooks:

Sheesh, it’s all non-fiction. Nothing light in that list, unless you count Al Franken’s memoir as light, which is probably correct. I shall be sooo edumacated when I get back home.

Unusually, I haven’t given a great deal of thought to the knitting on this trip… because I will be driving all the time. The only knitting time will be at night at motels and when I meet up with various knitbloggers — Carole, gayle, becky, Kat, and Kym. And maybe Adrienne, if time allows. Looking forward to all those stops! A couple small projects that are already on the needles will suffice. But I’ll pack the yarn and needles for something else… just in case.


My to-do and to-take list yesterday afternoon.

I hope no hurricanes arrive to disrupt this trip. My half-brother and his family live in The Woodlands TX; I emailed him yesterday to see how they were faring. His reply:

Hi Kathryn!
Yes, we’ve hunkered down. Thanks for checking:)
We’ve water, a generator, 30 gal of gas, extra food, gas stove!…
We expect all roads to close due to flooding
Eventually electric to knock out
Cell service to knock out
Already had tornado warning this morning
Worst case: all of the above lasting a week
We’re putting a friend up, and are standing by to help others:)

They sound fully prepared. One thing that always takes me by surprise when I see people in hurricane photos is that they are in sandals and shorts; here in the Upper Midwest “big storm” generally means “blizzard.” Not that we don’t have thunderstorms (and tornadoes, but generally not this far north), but somehow those are not as dramatic to me as BLIZZARD.

* * * * *

Coupla things I forgot to include in my eclipse and YS bike trip posts:

  • All day on eclipse day there was a radio playing a local stations, which was playing every single song ever written about the sun and/or moon. Fun listening!
  • Crap. Can’t remember what this was. This senior memory thing sucks.

* Four trips to Wausau, two class reunions, a Yes concert, and the Boston, etc. trip.

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7 Responses to Off again!

  1. Kat with a K says:

    I can’t wait! 🙂

  2. Carole says:

    We’re looking forward to seeing you!

  3. Diane says:

    Enjoy – and take time to stretch. The yoga DVD has been a lifesaver for me.

  4. gayle says:

    Safe travels! (I’m practically bouncing in place, I’m so excited!)

  5. =Tamar says:

    Safe travels! They’re predicting 3 days of rain for DC this week, I hope your travels avoid them!

  6. You have a great trip attitude! I can’t wait to see you meet your knit pals . I wish I loved travel more.

  7. Nicole says:

    Have a safe trip!

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