It’s Black Cat Appreciation Day! (and kitten update)

The kittens have been with us seven days. So far, they have:

  • Been confined to the bathroom for two days, then…
  • Been released into the wide world of our bedroom.
  • Almost immediately discovered the joy of Sticking One’s Paw Under The Door and finding… another paw to play with!
  • Decided that, although they were not litter mates, they can act like it.
  • Employed  the time-honored hissing response when faced with a dog.
  • Had one paw-swiping-across-the-nose-with-claws-extended encounter with one of the dogs.
  • Been largely ignored by Milady ever since.
  • Continued to hiss at inquisitive Misha.
  • Endeared themselves to us by purring loudly whenever they are touched.
  • Awakened Smokey one morning by chewing on his thumb.
  • Confused us by being so very, very similar in appearance. (We solved this by getting a red collar for China and a blue one for Marge.)
  • Decided that the only way from point A to point B in the bedroom is to run across my chest while I am reading in bed, perhaps with a brief stop to purr and rub my chin.
  • Been fascinated by the moving cards when I play Solitaire on my iPad.

I know you are all breathlessly waiting to find out their new names. There were many excellent contributions, a couple of them clear audience favorites:

  1. Thelma & Louise (nancy davis, Chris, nothingbutknit2, Diane, Pat M)
  2. Lucy & Ethel (Mary Jo, nancy davis)
  3. Ella [Fitzgerald] & Billie [Holiday]
  4. Ebony & Ivory
  5. Salt & Pepper
  6. Cagney & Lacey
  7. Penny & Amy
  8. Scarlett & Melanie
  9. Katniss & Everdeen
  10. Katniss & Peeta
  11. Black & White
  12. Ozzy [Osborne] & Elvira [Mistress of the Night]
  13. Blot & Spot
  14. My Cat & My Other Cat
  15. Bonnie & Clyde
  16. Yoko & John
  17. Blackie & Blacker
  18. Sonny & Cher
  19. Simone & Garfunkel
  20. Sly & Stone
  21. Spot & Puff
  22. Ottilia & Lavinia
  23. Jolene & Dolly
  24. Jing & Ping
  25. Inky & Blinky
  26. Itsy & Bitsy
  27. Char & Coal
  28. Mickey & Oswald
  29. Tacy & Stacey
  30. Lottie & Lisa
  31. Sun & Moon
  32. Diana & Artemis
  33. Frick & Frack
  34. Mr & Mrs
  35. Stitch & Angel

And the winner is…

Thelma & Louise!

Seriously,  how could I not choose  the names suggested by so many different people? My other personal favorites were Scarlett & Melanie, Ozzy & Elvira, and Simone & Garfunkel. But we had already decided that, 1, the names should be two syllables each, and B, they had to not sound too much alike because kitties are not the brightest critters on the planet. China, the more active, inquisitive, and assertive one, will be Louise; Marge, the shyer, more reticent one, will be Thelma.

Since there were multiple suggesters of the winning names, I did a random drawing:


and the winner is nancy davis. Nancy, I have emailed you to send me your snail mail address,

Thanks to everyone for playing along with me!

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7 Responses to It’s Black Cat Appreciation Day! (and kitten update)

  1. Thelma and Louise sound like purrfect names:)

  2. Chris says:

    Congrats, Nancy! 🙂 And those ARE really excellent names. I have all sorts of ideas for my next little black kitty girl – Mischief (Missy), Apocalypse (Polly or Cally), Pandemonium (PanPan or something like that)… I have more, but I’d have to dig out the list.

  3. nancy davis says:

    Wow, thank you so much! I just recently figured out how to post my comments on blogs, and it is already paying off! We don’t have any cats now that our girls have grown up and moved out. We do, however have a 10 year old Golden Doodle named Pita. Which is another great name. It is an acronym that stands for pain in the #@%. Thanks again.

  4. Kat with a K says:

    Thelma and Louise are the most excellent of names! And, that video, lol. Too funny!

  5. gayle says:

    Excellent (and irresistible!) names! Enjoy the little rascals in all their kittenness!

  6. Nicole says:

    Awesome, and so cute! Thelma and Louise will be great names for those two. (I like Inky & Blinky, myself, but I can see where that would get confusing for the kitties. Or the owners.)

    The joy of Sticking One’s Paw Under the Door does seem to be a universal kitty joy. So glad yours have someone to play with on the other side of the door!

  7. It was so much fun. Keep up the crazy kitty updates. Nothing like kitty love. Congrats to Nancy

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