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Thoughts on being in a different part of the country.

The scenery got a lot better after leaving Indiana and Ohio. It seemed like we went downhill a lot between Buffalo NY and Worcester MA. I suppose that means I will be going uphill on the way back tomorrow and … Continue reading

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Dinner at…

…McDonalds(?!) Why, yes, we are in Massachusetts. What was your first clue?  

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Fingering fingerless*.

The knitting brigades. Dog humiliation tools and other yarn-based oddities. Thanks, Cynthia! Related: I don’t know how they missed this one. Yarnbombing the Great MN Get-Together. Sybaritic: fond of luxury or pleasure, self-indulgent. Our stashes, explained. This may have been around … Continue reading

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Off again!

More traveling! Leaving this morning to drive QGD1 to Tufts University in Boston. Three days in the car: bonding time! I will be traveling nearly 6,500 miles in a 6-week period*, thereby roughly doubling the mileage on the Rogue since purchase. Yikes. … Continue reading

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A boy young man and his bike.

No links post this Saturday. Nor next Saturday, probably. I leave tomorrow for my East Coast adventure, driving QGD1 to Boston for college and visiting knitblogger friends on the way home. Younger Son’s original plan was to have me drop … Continue reading

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The eclipse of 2017: one Kat’s™ experience.

I left home on Saturday afternoon for my eclipse adventure. First stop: Minneapolis, where I would spend the night and leave for southern Illinois on Sunday morning with Younger Son. I’m pretty sure this was totality. There were, of course, … Continue reading

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Mini-skeins, mini-post.

Wooly. Thanks, J! Crocheted urchins. Have I shown you this one already? I found the link in an untitled  post in my drafts folder. That is a LOT of knitting.

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Even the best links get rusty and moss-covered.

This is fabulous. (If you are watching at work, know that this is fun on mute but definitely better with the sound track.) via So is this. (ditto) ditto This. ditto (She had some really good links last weekend.) … Continue reading

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Pro tip: count noses.

Smokey’s parents moved from Chicago to Palm Harbor FL after my FIL retired. We visited them for two weeks every Christmas; our boys never saw an actual white Christmas (Day) until they were 11 and 6. Generally, we drove the … Continue reading

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It’s Black Cat Appreciation Day! (and kitten update)

The kittens have been with us seven days. So far, they have: Been confined to the bathroom for two days, then… Been released into the wide world of our bedroom. Almost immediately discovered the joy of Sticking One’s Paw Under … Continue reading

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