Monday questions answered on Tuesday.

*Have you ever changed up a S’more? Nope. The originals are still the greatest.

*What yarn is on your needles?  (That you will work on today?) Various worsteds in my scrap afghan — Wool of the Andes, Cascade 220, Blue Sky Fibers, Colorado Yarns Durango, Filatura Lanarota, Fingerlakes, Plymouth Encore, Malabrigo Rios, Skacel Adagio, Panda Woolbale, Louet Gems Topaz, Plymouth Boku, Noro Silk Garden, Plymouth Soy Wool Stripes, Reynolds Lopi Lite, Rowan Kid Classic.

*You can have a gift certificate to Knit Picks, Etsy, or Webs.  Which do you choose? Tough choice; I am trying desperately NOT to buy yarn. If the gift certificate is big enough I might pick Webs and buy another set of interchangeable needles (never mind that I already have three four different sets). If the amount is smaller I might go for some yarn at KP. NO!

*What’s your middle name?  Do you use it at all? Marjorie, after my mother. But I only use it when the form I am filling out specifically asks for middle name.

*Last place you went that took cash only. Another tough one — I use plastic for everything, even McDonalds. Probably the tiny coffee shop in my tiny town that only takes plastic for amounts >$5.

*Have you ever had Baked Alaska? Yep; we had a housemate long ago who made it.

*Give a yarn skein a name that reflects the nighttime. I do not name my yarn. (Yet.)

*Bar soap, foam soap or liquid hand soap?  (in your bathrooms) Bar soap in the shower, liquid by the sink.

*Last time you got a ticket? About 6 years ago; passing in a no-passing zone not far from home. Last one before that was about 20 years ago for speeding; I was hurrying to get home in time to watch X-Files.

*Last time you had a car-hop bring your carry out to you? There is an old-fashioned drive-in about 20 miles away that I went to sometime in the past 5-10 years.

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1 Response to Monday questions answered on Tuesday.

  1. WELL I ENJOYED your answers tremendously!! Im going to the link for the drive in

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