kmkat & her kneedles

Chain me up and link me together.

Appropriate response.

“First, pick a lot of [basil] leaves and whizz them into a paste with oil and garlic. Spread this on a piece of toast. Stand in the garden eating this menacingly. This will get the basil’s attention and establish dominance.”

Remember reading?

Free bird seed!

Joss Whedon’s Wonder Woman vs. Jenkin’s WW. {somewhat] Related.

“A national health care program could save enough on administration to assure access to care for all Americans, without rationing.”

Oh, good grief. Sexism in… hurricanes?

And now… your conspiracy theory for the day!

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For the rest of you Eliot Spencer lovers out there.

The time for calm and carrying on is over.

South Dakota: pay attention here please!

So happy I am not in the dating scene.

Uh oh

Photoshop battles.

Stuff you should know about color.

Remember the sheep racers? Not any more..

The Guardian keeps a tally of the # of people killed by the police in the US.

“Told you, dude. Sea lions.”


Any gamblers out there?

“You’re an idiot, Ulnar.”

As one of Scandinavian heritage — one grandmother came from Norway and married an American man of Norwegian heritage — I found this hilarious: “Danes today tend to think of Swedes as uptight metrosexuals; Swedes see their neighbors across the Oresund as jaywalking, pot-smoking anarchists; and both agree that Norwegians are dull, backwoods hicks with an annoying amount of oil wealth.”

Screed against lawns.