Monday questions answered on Friday.


Kathy asks questions every Monday. This week I decided to answer.

* What kind of crops do you see in your state? Corn and soybeans, soybeans and corn.

*This has been a question before, but it is a good one: When was the last time you wore a handknit? I wore a pair of handknit socks about a week ago. If you asked me this question anytime between September and May, the answer would be ‘right now’ because I wear handknit socks every day except in summer.

*Have you ever seen the Secret Service in person? No, but Younger Son encountered them at the Republican National Convention in St Paul in 2008.

*Do you know  a poem by heart? Not an entire poem, but I can still recite the first dozen or so lines of the Canterbury Tales… in the original Middle English. ‘Whan that Aprille with his shoures soote…’

*What is a rule in your house? Never awaken the Kat™ for anything less than the house being on fire.

*Do you attach a new ball of yarn to your knits at the end of a row or a few inches in? Wherever the old ball runs out, so almost always an inch or more in. 

*Have you been stuck behind a cyclist, a tractor or a bus most recently? Tractor. Always a tractor. This is rural America, folks.

*What’s your favorite summer pie? Blueberry. Always blueberry.

*Do you know a clever yarn shop name? Yes. Oh, you wanted to KNOW the name? Darn Knit Anyway in Stillwater, MN.

*Are you still hearing fireworks? Nope, thank FSM.

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One Response to Monday questions answered on Friday.

  1. Fun responses. Love the no waking me up rule!!! Darn Knit Anyway is an adorable name

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