Last of the mouslings/ratlings (we hopes).

Shortly after this the little bugger was tossed into the yard, where it presumably assumed its proper place in the Great Circle Of Life., e.g., being lunch for some larger critter.

We set a couple mousetraps in prominent locations before our flying trip to Sioux Falls to deliver a car for GF. One trap yielded an adult mouse, the other trap disappeared (!)

We hopes this is the last of the mousling/ratling appearances for a while.

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1 Response to Last of the mouslings/ratlings (we hopes).

  1. Nicole says:

    A disappearing mouse trap? Yikes. Then again, if it was found by a rat instead of a mouse, the trap might have lost that battle.

    Ugh. I had pet rats and mice when I was a kid, and those were great. The wild versions aren’t as great, though. Good luck getting rid of them.

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