Stuff in bullet form.

  • We are making an unscheduled road trip to Sioux Falls to deliver my 1998 Volvo to Elder Son and GF.
  • This should make his move more pleasant. 2 adults + 12-yo girl + 120-pound dog + cat + luggage in ES’s marginally air-conditioned Aveo (v. small car w/ 600 lb weight limit) for 1,200 miles in July sounded like a horrible experience for everyone involved.
  • We had planned to give my Volvo to Younger Son (because it has AWD and he lives in MN; far less snow, hence, far less need for AWD in NM) and give his Volvo to ES and GF.
  • However, repairs to that Volvo did not go as anticipated, despite many (many!) hours of effort.
  • Check out the logo of the garage* that we finally resorted to.
  • My Volvo, even though it has 200k miles, has never stranded me.
  • Volvo substitution was suggested by YS.
  • He has a big heart.
  • So, two cars going to Sioux Falls, one car coming home.
  • Road trip! (in new car!) (knitting time on return trip)
  • So glad we decided to buy Rogue this year and not wait until next year.
  • Sometimes immediate gratification pays unexpected rewards.
  • This is actually plan B.
  • Plan A had me driving to NM.
  • Whew.
  • In other news, I found this on bathroom floor this morning:
  • Four juvenile mice. Alive, but only just. WTF?
  • No nest evident anywhere.
  • Momma Mouse just dropped them from the ceiling?
  • Choices:
    • Ignore them and hope they disappear. Not likely to be a satisfactory solution.
    • Flush them down the toilet. Way too cruel.
    • Gather them up and put them outside. Yep. Judicious use of spatula and Rubbermaid container made this easy. (Said utensil and container later sent through sanitize cycle in dishwasher.)
  • Mousetrap now set.
  • This is a weird time of year to find mice in the house. They usually migrate indoors in the fall.
  • YS’s comment when I texted him the above photo: Time for another cat.
  • Much knitting (and tinking) on the afghan has occurred.
  • Why can I not knit garter stitch flawlessly? Because my eyes are on the TV, not on my knitting.
  • Flawless 99% of the time is not flawless 100%.
  • And why do I sometimes forget to do the double decrease on the right side row? (see above)
  • Progress is being made, even though it is sometimes two steps forward, one step back.
  • “One step forward and it’s back to go.” Name that reference.

* When Smokey tried to call them earlier in the week, he got a recording saying they were not accepting new customers. Apparently they do such great work that their existing customers and their referrals keep them as busy as they want to be. Smoke also said that the boulevard in front of the garage was planted with  peppers, tomatoes, and sunflowers. And that on Saturday the staff gathered at the garage before heading out to clean up a section of highway they had volunteered to maintain. I cannot fault their ethics.

Edited to add: The photo above was taken Saturday morning. Sunday morning:



I left this one — barely wiggling — for Smokey to enjoy.


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6 Responses to Stuff in bullet form.

  1. ninlouise says:

    I relate to so much in this post. Best wishes to your good-hearted son and his entourage while launching awkward prayers for Volvo wellness. I am laughing about you screwing up ‘easy’ tv knitting. Knitting backwards has become a way of life for me. :((

  2. gayle says:

    Hurray for Plan B! And Volvos! And generous sons!
    Enjoy your knitting time, mistakes and all.

  3. Becky says:

    Ethan’s what my parenting technique would be had I had children! We had the field mice wandering in the ceiling tiles last week as well. Likely signs of a coming apocalypse. Or else they want to watch the news to see if the bomb has been dropped yet.

  4. OH boy. EEEK EEEEK EEEEK . I felt awful when Fireman uncovered such little beating hearts in a nest in the mower earlier this year. I had to pick them up with a glove, put them in a box in the shed and wait. But if they were in my house, one of the 4 cats would have gotten them. UCK.

    Have a very safe trip. And I too cannot knit garter unless it is on very big needles with very big yarn because I, like you, watch TV at the same time

  5. =Tamar says:

    I find garter stitch to be both slightly more difficult than stockinette (because the top of the stitch on the previous row blocks the needle) and terminally boring, so there’s no need to look further for explanations. Stitch markers before the decreases might help.

  6. Nicole says:

    I completely understand about the garter stitch. Sometimes it seems easier to knit lace while watching TV than to knit garter stitch, ESPECIALLY when decreases are involved in said garter stitch.

    I love mice as pets, but falling from the ceiling? Ick. Not my cup of tea. My Suzy-cat would probably think it was great fun, though.

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