Floating links.

floating links.jpg

Just in case someone needs this.

Links from Chris. And more.

Trigger warnings, illustrated (in text, not diagrams).

The opposite of hopelessness, as expressed through felines.

Introvert nation.

The best cat tweets of 2016. Equal time for dogs.

“So roses are red. | Violets once were called blue. | I’m hugely pedantic | But what else is new?” (Just in case you are as pedantic as I am, here is a fuller explanation of the subject.)

Let’s talk about drywall.

“She stares at him, and remembers with a certainty that has been granted to her after years in man’s world that he is but a man and like any man, he is fragile and breakable, when she is not.”

Smokey is having Younger Son’s Volvo repaired here; check out their logo.

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3 Responses to Floating links.

  1. gayle says:

    Introvert nation is my homeland…

  2. Nicole says:

    I especially like the opposite of hopelessness. This is a large part of why my kitties are all adopted.

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