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Lotsa yarn, lotsa knitting.

Keep ’em closed. Winter is coming. It’s all fun and games… The Tumblr “reblog for …” for us. NSFW knitting. Oh, my word. Australian New Zealand yarnbomb.

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This ‘n’ that on a Sunday.

It’s county fair time! * * * * * In other news, I am trying to decide if the afghan needs to be longer how much longer the afghan needs to be. * * * * * In other knitting news, … Continue reading

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I am running out of link photos so I am recycling the original one. Please excuse the repetition.

Jenny made me snort. Repeatedly. Scientists are crap at naming things. Cereal sauce. Do you wear contact lenses? Mini omelettes look yummy. Dentist visit from hell. What to say instead of “You’re a fighter.” Trypophobia. “…ocean-eyed slut man…” Read the … Continue reading

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How it was done back in the day.

This is the bike crossing at Nine Mile Creek in the southern suburbs of Minneapolis. Spanning the creek are two ropes which run through eyelets on either side of the raft, thus keeping it in its *lane*. There is also … Continue reading

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Winter Autumn is coming.

Seen this week.  Autumn begins early up here in the Great Frozen North.

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Monday Q&A on a Tuesday.

*Do you remember a bad sunburn? Yes, but only very vaguely. Probably happened in the Florida Keys back in the late 1970s or early ’80s. *What is the last game you played?  (card game or board game) I seem to … Continue reading

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Blues! Green! Colors flashing!*

Cons. How to deal with problems. Good advice. Goldilocks: a cautionary tale. Guess what this is? Knitting cake. Yarn.   * I have been binge-listening to Fleetwood Mac this week. Can you tell?

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Rusted busted links.

Bamboo. Shooting back. “…if you’re not at the table, you’re probably on the menu…” via martinimadecom For those of you who ride public transit. Macron rocks! Perhaps the only good use for vaping. Best video ever. Lots of links from Chris.G

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TBT: Turtle love.

I captured this video in June 2007 and posted it on the blog then, but the original YouTube video disappeared when Google[?] bought YouTube and redid all the accounts. But it is back again, in all its snapping turtle, sex-in-the-water … Continue reading

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Unraveled Wednesday #7.

I finished listening to Exit West by Mohsin Hamid on the drive to Sioux Falls last week. What a good book it was. It took the story of two young people who chose to emigrate from a suspiciously Middle Eastern-flavored-but-unnamed … Continue reading

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