Unknown links.


The internet would be really boring without Russian dashcams.

Sadly, true.

“…unlike a typical house cat that can get stuck up in a tree, the clouded leopard can rotate its paws to climb down head first.

Strange visitors.

“…no-calorie Coke options are not limited to Diet Coke, which tastes like scorched battery acid and regret…”

Oh, look! It’s the three witches from Macbeth!

I’m here for you.

For your viewing pleasure: a baby bat gets the hiccups.


A posture lesson.

New York moments.

Wow. via martinimade.com (again)

Cannibis and racism.

The #1 domino artist in the world. via blackbird

Links from Chris and Chaos.

Beer, wine, and witches.

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2 Responses to Unknown links.

  1. gayle says:

    So much wonderfulness here! Normally I can pick a favorite link, but this week that’s impossible!

  2. Soxanne says:

    Well that explains why I’m a beer lover – it’s natural for witches!

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