My home town.

Interstate 90 runs east and west across southern Minnesota, 10 – 20 miles north of the Iowa line; Amboy is about 20 miles north of it. I lived near (or in) Amboy until I was 14, mainly on the farm that my great-grandfather bought from the man who had homesteaded it. I crossed those railroad tracks every day on the way to and from school and shopped in those buildings that are now arts and crafts stores. Best of all, there is even a LYS there now!

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3 Responses to My home town.

  1. Kat with a K says:

    Oh, how interesting! Thanks for sharing about this!

  2. I find everyone’s hometown stories so sweet. There are so many ltitle towns in this country and the ones we grew up in are very dear. Love the LYS TOO

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