Unraveled Wednesday #2.

(Damn. This is the second third time I have had to write this post. WordPress keeps losing it even though I saved it multiple times! That used to happen all the time to people on TypePad, but this is the first time I have experienced it with WP. Damn.)

me b4 uI recently finished this story of a young woman, desperate for employment, who takes a job to care for a paraplegic man. Of course, they end up falling in love, but even so, I (officially a senior citizen) found this story of a 20-something (trying to figure out her life) engaging. That plot typically leaves me cold.

As I was googling to find a photo of the cover I discovered that the book had been made into a mediocre movie last year and that there is a sequel book, After You. Given the mixed reviews I have found about my book, I am a bit hesitant to recommend it. But I liked it. So there is that.

Currently I am halfway though the first book of the Glasgow Trilogy, which (so far) is about a hit man setting up a kill. Intriguing; no judgement yet.

* * * * *

Remember those three projects I packed to take to the conference with me last weekend? The night before, I decided I should start one just to be sure it was properly mindless and therefore suitable for car and meeting knitting. The Talmadge Cloche turned out to be not that kind of project; I couldn’t even get the pinhole cast on going, although that was probably because I kept getting interrupted. Instead, I cast on the Madison scarf and immediately decided that was The One. The other two projects went back on the shelf for another time, and the scarf was OTN for the duration.


Also on the knitting front, I have been making what I, in my own perverse way, refer to as dead baby buntings, mainly because that reminds me of all those horrible and horrific (but funny) dead baby jokes we all told in middle school.

Backstory: the daughter of a good friend is a prenatal nurse in North Carolina, where she has IMG_0495 observed first-hand the appallingly high infant death rate. Daughter asked mom if she and her fellow knitters here would make these little buntings for the infants’ burials. As a project, the buntings are quick and easy. Easy because they are just garter stitch with a couple rows of K2tog YO (Full disclosure: I did a third repeat of the K2tog YO on the one in the photo by mistake) and quick because they are tiny. They are too small for any cat I have ever owned, let alone a normal-sized baby. So far I have made six, and I have a couple-few more planned. My friend will line them with flannel and thread ribbon ties through the YO holes, then send them on to her daughter.

If any of you have some acrylic in baby-suitable colors languishing in your stash, let me know and I will connect you the pattern and recipient.

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10 Responses to Unraveled Wednesday #2.

  1. Kym says:

    Oh, you make me laugh. (And that’s a good thing.) My book group read Me Before You last year — and I was not initially thrilled. But it turned out to be a decent read. (My book group is notorious for choosing books I would never-in-a-million-years read left to my own devices. I hate most of our selections, and they roll their eyes at me much of the time. But they’re really great women, though. And there is plenty of wine. So I continue to join them in reading horrible books. . . ) XO

  2. Carrie says:

    After Glasgow try The Ghosts of Belfast.

  3. Diane Nelson says:

    I like a trilogy. Finished one recently by Stephen King. Three novels are doable – those that go on longer scare me.

  4. ninlouise says:

    I appreciated that link to the Madison scarf for all kinds of reasons. It was reassuring that you settled on it rather than the more complicated others. I was feeling badly about myself. I have projects for all kinds of venues but save the difficult patterns for dawn’s early light. {I’ve accidentally read Jo-Jo Moyes… I was leery but liked it comically much. Just like the knitting projects, I have different books for different moods. mood swings. Goofy fiction rescues me sometimes.}

  5. The baby gifts will be treasured by the grieving families.

  6. Kat with a K says:

    I will have to look into the Glasgow Trilogy! And, I am not sure my knitters heart could handle knitting those little shrouds. However, I will let you know if some random acrylic shows up at my house, you never know!

  7. sprite says:

    What a kind thing you’re doing with the shrouds. Blessings on you and their recipients.

    I haven’t yet read Me before You, but I have read One Plus One and listened to Paris for One and Other Stories and liked them both. She really has a way of pulling you into the narrative and making you want good things for her characters…

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