Rusty ol’ links.

Rusty chain w green nylon rope.jpg

The biggest employer in most of Trump country is Walmart. (Coincidence?)

The freeway blogger.


The scientific explanation of how and why men and women take their tee shirts off differently.

Humans are adorable.

The best refutation of Ben Carson’s “poverty is a state of mind.”

“Our love has no religion.”

The dog robot: it loads the dishwasher, ducks under the table, and slips on a banana peel.

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2 Responses to Rusty ol’ links.

  1. ninlouise says:

    There’s so much to LIKE! Thanks.

  2. gayle says:

    Wonderful links! (I’d always wondered about that t-shirt thing!)
    (And I want one of those dog robots, though I think it should have a tail…)

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