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Blue and gold knits.

Show of hands: who would wear this? or this? Oh, this is nice. Shawl shirt. This is for my quilting friends. See the rest of the entries here. This is for you other mitered square fans. (She begins here.) (It … Continue reading

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Gendered links.

Swimming through wood. Don’t feel flattered. Practical fashion. Runway fight! I will be just slightly offended by a flamboyant guy with a rattail. The Avengers Initiative. Dog walker. What did they do with the f—g puffins? Think before you pink. … Continue reading

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Road trip!

Elder Son graduates from his residency program this weekend, so we are off to Sioux Falls. It’s a six-hour trip one way, more or less, so that means… NEW PROJECT! Ahem. Yeah, I already have a portable project OTN, but … Continue reading

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Unraveled Wednesday #4.

Joining Kat for Unraveled Wednesdays! After deciding I had made enough dead baby buntings, I returned to the never-ending afghan knitting. As for unraveling, that always happens somewhere in the knitting — a dropped stitch, a forgotten decrease. On a … Continue reading

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Pink and blue links.

I have been through this twice in the last week, except that 1, I managed to resist the craft store trip b/c the LYS is 75 miles awaay, and 2, the yarn in already in my stash. Yarn flowers. Nine … Continue reading

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Unknown links.

The internet would be really boring without Russian dashcams. Sadly, true. “…unlike a typical house cat that can get stuck up in a tree, the clouded leopard can rotate its paws to climb down head first.“ Strange visitors. “…no-calorie Coke … Continue reading

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My home town.

Interstate 90 runs east and west across southern Minnesota, 10 – 20 miles north of the Iowa line; Amboy is about 20 miles north of it. I lived near (or in) Amboy until I was 14, mainly on the farm … Continue reading

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Unraveled Wednesday #3.

  So. I made a hat. Well, not really a hat. So. What it is, exactly? It’s a stump cover. M, wife of the guy, D, who does yard word and other miscellaneous chores around here — right now he … Continue reading

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Misha alerts!

As I was making breakfast in the kitchen this morning, Misha The Formerly Very Shy Dog shot out of the bedroom and raced to the front door, barking her fool head off, as she is wont to do. Of course, … Continue reading

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Monday bonus!

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