Lucy Neatby has an awesome sense of humor.


Another pattern for an ophiophilist.

“How would an astronaut knit? Zero-gravity knitting will require a whole different approach to yarn management. Get ready, it’s a long way to Mars, and you’re gunna need a project.”

More from Interweave: knitting tattoos.

Wear your hand-knit socks with these.

Forget the sock monkey. Crochet a goddess!

Why not?

I want to know how they got the sweater on the chemist.


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3 Responses to Lucy Neatby has an awesome sense of humor.

  1. Wow those shoes are the Bomb!!

  2. gayle says:

    Even i love those shoes, and i hate shoes…

  3. k says:

    They really could have used a slightly more discrete color – and a mattress stitch, but when you’re being devious and sneaky, you use the yarn you have, not the yarn you wish you had. And I love the bunnies! I must go back to school to cast bronze bunnies, and then knit sweaters for them. *a plan comes together…
    The shoes are awesome, but why are the soles so much wider than the shoe? I would trip repeatedly. And also, want closer look at sock.

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