Chain. Link. Nut. Washer. Bolt.

Chain and bolt:nut

The Millennial Falcon.


Perhaps the most awesome marriage proposal of all time.

Easter is coming: how to eat Peeps.

Flying ostrich.

As we all grow older and our memories find it difficult to remember a word, this site could be a godsend.

Attention, former history majors: if World War I were a bar fight.

Voyager 1.

No, we do NOT need a rewritten Constitution.

How to give grandma a heart attack.

For the bird lovers among you.

Store #218: Greg’s Dungeon Supplies.

Trump’s ties.

“In these energy-conscious times, it makes sense to have a cat wrapped around your neck.”

omg, there is a Fluevog store in Minneapolis.

Links from Chris and Chaos.

Wine corks are the new fortune cookie.

Fiction, non-fiction.

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2 Responses to Chain. Link. Nut. Washer. Bolt.

  1. gayle says:

    That history lesson is perfect!
    And those ties literally made me lol. (And damn close to rofl…)

  2. mlegan says:

    History major here. Too early to really read the new constitution crap. UGh.

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