Roots and wings.


Elder Son will finish his residency in family medicine in June. Last weekend he was flown to New Mexico to interview for 3-4 days at the Indian Health Service medical facility on the Zuni reservation there. His best friend from med school, who has similar values and aspirations to practice world medicine, started working there last year, and ES had questioned him extensively about what it was like, its strengths and weaknesses, etc. It all sounded pretty good to him; hence, the application and interview. He will start there later this year. Even better, his girlfriend is going with him. Amanda is a delightful person, and we are very happy for both of them. Love!

When we talked to him on Saturday, he offered this mathematical equation. If M=the number of medical schools he applied to, R=the number of residency programs he matched with (accepted at), and J=the number of jobs he applied to, then:

M times R times J = 2.

The equation for a more typical doctor would be something like this:

8 times 5 times 10 = 400.

I told him this reminded me a lot of all the times he would call home during college and tell us about the test he took, didn’t study for, and got an A. Sometimes luck is as important as skill and knowledge.

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3 Responses to Roots and wings.

  1. Kat with a K says:

    Congratulations to ES!! And, congratulations to the Zuni Reservation – I think they just got the best part of any equation!

  2. soxanne says:

    Wow. That is all amazing.

  3. Kym says:

    Oh! Congratulations all around! (You must just be bursting your buttons with pride.) XO

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