Yarnbombing WIP.

Nicollet Ave bombing.jpg

Things never to say to a yarn shop owner.

Okay, every one of us needs this.

So true.

This makes me giggle. And this is magnificent.

Moth-themed yarn.

A stash, explained.

Bah, bah, blackpug.

If only we could knit this fast.

A new RESIST hat coming in April.

Not Nine Inch Nails.

Craft pattern.

Thousands of years ago

Perfect for January.


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5 Responses to Yarnbombing WIP.

  1. gayle says:

    That rooster made my add-to-cart finger itchy…
    And I want to cast on for that scarf RIGHT NOW.

  2. Mary Jo says:

    Your links are always spot on. That Etsy print is scary! I put my stash in see-thru boxes from the Container store and a lot of the containers look like that print. The carton at the end–OMG! I am getting my first check from Social Security in 10 days and splurged on the Craftsy sale yesterday. I’ll get a carton Wednesday with 49 (!!!!!) skeins of yarn.

  3. Deb Winslow says:

    I work part time in a yarn store and the questions are so true. It’s amazing what some people want or think they’re entitled to.

  4. I laughed at Lisa’s list of what not to say to a shop owner!

  5. KSD says:

    The moth yarn is glorious; what an idea!

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