Gravity. Again.

The day Smokey had his surgery was a long one. We had to get up at 5am in order to get to the hospital in St Paul on time, then I stayed at the hospital all day until he was installed in his room after the surgery and recovery. Later I had dinner with Younger Son before driving back to Wisconsin.

I attribute my tripping that night over the dogs’ water dish — which has been in the same place for at least ten years — to being overtired. I caught my toe on it, stumbled forward to *attack* the table next to my knitting chair, then *attacked* the chair itself. Too tired to clean up the mess, I left it until the next day… which meant I could photograph the scene and share it with youse guys.


Every one of my knitting tools — stitch markers, row counters, scissors, the whole lot — spilled. And then I knocked over my rocking chair.


All was not lost, though. This is exactly how my glass of wine landed.

All’s well that ends well.

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9 Responses to Gravity. Again.

  1. Kym says:

    Oh, my! So glad you’re okay . . . and good thing you didn’t also need to contend with red wine spilled everywhere!

  2. ninlouise says:

    I’m so glad you survived in such a stylish way! {Did ‘Alexa’ have any smart-ass comments?}

  3. Diane Nelson says:

    Good grief – glad you are still in one piece!

  4. I am so glad the Wine Gods were present! Although, where were the Knitting Gods? I am glad you were okay! XO

  5. gayle says:

    Considering some of your falls, this one was quite mild. No broken bones? Total win!

  6. =Tamar says:

    Whew. That was a…wonderful recovery from a potential disaster. Rest those jolted muscles! (Nice that the wine didn’t spill on the yarn.)

  7. Ruth says:

    Well done! Your priorities are intact.

  8. Ruth says:

    Also, best to Smokey. Heal, my friend!

  9. Oh boy. Caring for the caregiver rule #1. So happy you are okay. ! And wine, yes, glad it was saved

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