Bits and bobs.

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It was surprising to me how many readers have family stories that involve a stuffed animal. Ninlouise’s story made me LOL. I guess those fluffy little critters are really important to us.

* * * * *

I have kinda sorta resisted knitting cowls and shawls. I came late to the party, not really liking them for a long time, and them lamenting that they are a style… and things go out of style. All my hours of knitting them would become obsolete. But a few days ago a lightbulb went off above my head, and I thought. When they go out of style I can unpick the bind off and reclaim the yarn for something else! Whee!

Such is the value of handknits 🙂

* * * * *

“You had a core of college-educated, sophisticated people who made good livings working right downtown at the corner of Broad and Main Street, and more importantly, in some ways, their wives — remember this is ’40s, ’50s, ’60s and into the ’70s — their wives typically didn’t work at a career-type job outside the home. They threw themselves into the town. So they did hospital benefits, they did benefits for preserving the old Antebellum homes in Lancaster, they did vaccination drives, they made sure the sidewalks got repaired, the streets got paved, they attended city council meetings. This was a core of civic leadership.”

Now that the majority of women work outside the home, plus the fact that they still bear the primary burden of housework and child-rearing — and let’s not even mention the extra burden of perhaps being a single parent — that civic responsibility is increasingly borne by we gray-hairs. And who is less visible than women of a certain age?

“You have barked up the wrong bitch.”

* * * * *

This morning’s exchange:

Me: Let’s go out there and change the world!

Smokey: Okay! Can we bring the dogs?

* * * * *

We have been watching an enjoyable, new-to-us series on Netflix: Leverage. The premise is that a disillusioned insurance investigator, played by Timothy Hutton, puts together a team of crooks to do the Robin Hood thing. He gets together a grifter, a thief, a former special forces guy, and a hacker. They come up with fantastically creative schemes to right wrongs and compensate those who have been cheated, defrauded, or generally screwed by The Man. Lots of comic relief, quirky characters (Parker the thief is particularly delightful, as is Hardison the hacker; Spencer the special forces guy is hunky), and plots that pull in the viewer. Happily, it ran for five seasons; sadly, the most episodes in any one season was 18.

* * * * *


Three days ago this driveway was covered with 1-3″ of glare ice. When I backed down the hill a bit too fast and touched the brake, I slid about ten feet. What a difference a couple days of 60˚ weather can make…

IMG_0324 (1).jpg

But the ice is not all gone. Happily, this patch is on level ground. The brown tracks are where I drove over it before backing up to take the  photo.

* * * * *

Bumper stickers observed recently:


I have no idea.


Observed at the McD’s drive-through.

IMG_0276 (1).jpg

Just in case you had trouble reading the stickers in the photo above. Yes, we grow ’em tough here.

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1 Response to Bits and bobs.

  1. KSD says:

    My son really likes “Leverage.” I couldn’t get into it myself, but he thoroughly enjoys it.

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