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Things to do when you cannot knit.

  Wind yarn. Read. Play solitaire. Cry. (Haven’t done this one yet.) Clean the bathroom. (Ditto.) Still not knitting. It has been three whole days since I picked up the needles. Haven’t gone cray-cray… yet.

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No moths allowed.

Halloween is not for nearly ten months; that’s plenty of time to knit one or more of these. Knitters’ full moon! Oh, the cute… Knitting for black social justice. …or wine. He knits.

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Knitter down!

I have thanked my lucky stars many times over the years that I have not suffered any repetitive motion injuries. No carpal tunnel, no matter that I worked at a keyboard for 12 hours/day during tax season; no shoulder/elbow/wrist pain … Continue reading

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You and I, we are linked.

GPS trail doodles. 8-yo superhero RBG. How wind turbine blades get to their destinations, no matter where. It’s a gift.

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FO Friday: dishcloths FTW!

Last summer I got tired of stinky dishcloths. They get nasty so quickly, even in an air-conditioned house. So I broke out the Sugar ‘n’ Creme to replenish my stock. Sometimes, nothing will do but to knit a warshcloth…

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I spent the last two mornings in tax training, in preparation for being a VITA/AARP/TCE volunteer tax preparer. Even though I prepared tax returns for 20 years and volunteered in this program last year, the law changes, the software changes, … Continue reading

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Knitting your purpleness (with apologies to Prince, the real purpleness).

Cool ball of yarn. How to knit a perfect edge. Knitting dangerously. Depilling. Perhaps the permanent winner of the yarn chicken contest. Need a new pair of sneakers? Carding wool the hard way.

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Double your linkiness.

Sorry, no links this week. Get all your link needs filled at Stumbling Over Chaos.

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FO Friday: do I hear…?

Pattern: Underlying Structures by Jennifer Kirchenbauer. When I saw this pattern on MadameDafargeKnits, I knew I had to make it. Yarn: Plymouth DK Superwash, color 1131. Needles: US#5. As I said on the Ravelry page, I was fascinated immediately when … Continue reading

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Bookin’ it through 2016.

Goodreads tells me I read 72 books in 2016, down from 90 in 2015. On the other hand, I listened to 11 audiobooks, ¬†up from 7 in 2015; I am pretty sure that 2015 number is understated because I get … Continue reading

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