Question(s) for you.


In the tradition of La Harlot, I am asking The Blog for advice. (This is also known as consulting the Hive Mind. You can decide for yourself whether you part of The Blog or the Hive Mind.)

Younger Son, the tech guru, has an Amazon Echo, which he has connected with smart light bulbs in various rooms and with his music and with who knows what else. I have little to no interest in doing the light bulbs.

But I wonder if Alexa could be helpful in other ways.

Any of you who have one: what do you use it for? Someone I chatted with this week (I wish I could remember who) said she can say, “Put xxx on my shopping list.” That might be marginally useful.

Where do you have it in your house? YS has it in the living room where his computer is. My computer is in my office.

So tell me what Alexa does for you, please!

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10 Responses to Question(s) for you.

  1. polifinario4 says:

    It’s gonna get hacked by the Russians. Word.
    (haha- no, I don’t know that but it is technically possible). I use Siri on my iPhone as an egg timer and that’s about it, so no advice from me.

  2. ninlouise says:

    You must be a techie yourself is you are even considering ‘Alexa’. I imagined having one of these highly desirable, new age assistants and then fast-forwarded to the part where I threw it at the wall. I could hardly set up my ROKU.

  3. Chris says:

    Not for me. 🙂

  4. gayle says:

    Sorry, can’t help. I certainly don’t want one ever. But then again, my new computer has Windows 10 and the first thing I did was to annihilate Cortana because I thought it was creepy and Big Brothery and horrifying. I suspect Alexa is Cortana’s equally creepy sister, so I’m not going to invite her over…
    your completely paranoid friend

  5. Ev says:

    My brother’s family set theirs up in the living room that can be called to from the kitchen. Alexa doesn’t understand all questions asked of her but does well as a timer and provides decent quick weather information. We found it to be creepy!

  6. Younger Son says:

    I’m trying a Google Home out, too. I think I like the Home a little better for what I need. Do you want my Echo Dot?

  7. Kat with a K says:

    This is how the government is listening…ummm, yeah. But, really – we have a house filled with Echo Dots and those bulbs. Oy. Living with a techno-file has its challenges.

  8. Kym says:

    I just depend on Siri. Or The Googles. Those Google Home things creep me out — and no one I that has one really uses it for much anyway. . .

  9. I think it would be fun to have one. My sister in law just got one but her voice is super squeaky and it is having trouble understanding her.

  10. says:

    How about a database collecting when you are “active” i.e. home, and when you are not active, so less likely to be home? I don’t have one, and probably won’t.

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