Knitter down!


I have thanked my lucky stars many times over the years that I have not suffered any repetitive motion injuries. No carpal tunnel, no matter that I worked at a keyboard for 12 hours/day during tax season; no shoulder/elbow/wrist pain from knitting.

Until now.

thumb 2.jpg

I tend to press my left thumb against the left needle to hold it while knitting; sometimes when I release that, say, to thread a tapestry needle to weave in some ends, I find it ever-so-slightly difficult to bend that thumb. But it was never an actual problem until a couple weeks ago, when that thumb started to hurt. All the time.

It hurts to grasp my coffee travel tumbler.

It hurts while I knit.

It hurts whenever I use it.


Not only that, but my left shoulder has been bothering me for several months, too. I attribute that to the slight stress of holding my iPad in that hand while I read the news/finish a crossword/do a jigsaw/peruse Twitter/etc. in bed every night and many mornings for the past four or five years. My solution has been three-fold: hold the iPad in the landscape position to lessen the strain, hold the iPad with my right hand while pretending my left arm is glued to the bed, or — best of all — to prop the iPad against a pile of covers.

I cannot help but think that knitting aggravates that shoulder, too.

Announcement! I shall refrain from knitting for one (1) week, starting today!


omg, you can imagine how much that pains me — almost as much as knitting would. But the first way to deal with a budding injury is to stop doing whatever caused the injury, so I am (attempting) being brave and putting away the knitting for seven (7) days.

Wish me luck.

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10 Responses to Knitter down!

  1. Silvernfire says:

    Yeah, I know that exact joint. In my case, it’s mainly knitting and typing that do it in (I hold the thumb oddly when typing), and it became a true problem in 2015 when I typed far more intensely than usual during November because of NaNoWriMo. Rest helps. But I also ended up seeing a physical therapist for a while and was assigned hand exercises to strengthen the joint. I wish you a speedy recovery and the willpower not to knit.

  2. gayle says:

    Oh, my goodness gracious, as my grandma used to say when confronted by such horror. Give up knitting? Oh, my dear…
    Wishing you the most luck ever. And speedy recovery!
    So you can knit again. 8)

  3. Jocelyn says:

    Oh, no. I’m so sorry.

    And I fear for your mental health without knitting.

  4. Kat with a K says:

    I feel the pain all the way over here – sending you lots of healing thoughts! Perhaps audiobooks can get you through this crisis!!

  5. Deb Winslow says:

    Feel better soon. Maybe you need a little stand for the Ipad in bed.

  6. Mary Jo says:

    I know your pain. Break down and see a doctor. You’ll get better faster and learn how to avoid this in the future. Your family and stash will thank you.

  7. Kym says:

    Ugh. If it doesn’t improve after a week, do see a doctor — for a referral for physical therapy. It helps so much more than you think it will. (Especially if you’re motivated.) (And I think you will be.) XO

  8. ninlouise says:

    K, I am so sorry about your injury and the anxiety provoking hiatus just when your self soothing habit might be most necessary! Your intermission has made me consider putting down my stix for a week in order to focus on other projects that I keep neglecting because of my compulsive knitting. My fingers are sore from knitting little pink hats! My eyes are tired from following a demented, never ending pattern for a certain pullover. I plan to join you for a week in real sympathy and also to notice other good things. I will play with my dog! I will paint the bathroom. I will sort endless patterns. I will relearn how to sew… probably, I will get lost in a fat book. The dog and I play tug-of-war while I read, so she will still benefit. :)) **** I do think physical therapy could be helpful. Let us know.

  9. Liz says:

    Yes rest for a while will really help. Living with pain or pain management is one of the worst cards you can be dealt. I’m hoping for a speedy recovery for you, the audio book suggestion is a good one. (In bed I use my iPhone as it’s a more light weight would using a phone instead be an option?) 🙏

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