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See how that cat is frowning? That is me, expressing my opinion about driving in a blizzard.

I spent the last two mornings in tax training, in preparation for being a VITA/AARP/TCE volunteer tax preparer. Even though I prepared tax returns for 20 years and volunteered in this program last year, the law changes, the software changes, and refresher training every year is necessary. In my case, the clientele changed enormously in the last couple years. Back at my accounting firm I was doing returns for people who [generally] had way more money than was necessarily good for them. Now I do tax returns for people who subsist on less money than I thought possible. Many are filing to get a rent or homestead credit. Some have enough income to require a return but end up owing no tax (big smiles there). And some are very nearly middle class but their income is low enough to qualify for our free service.

The training is 22 miles away and I had to be there at 9am. Now, in my mind, 9am is a time when I should be stretching and yawning and reaching for my iPad to read the news. It is most definitely not a time when I should be in a class 22 miles away from my bed, having driven through a near-blizzard to get there. It had started snowing the night before the first class and didn’t quit until today. Our driveway, that uphill monster, has still not been plowed (try to get someone to plow when everyone and his 43 cousins wants their driveway plowed, too), and the highway conditions vary between “snow covered” and “slippery”. After I get out of our driveway there is about half a mile of unpaved township road (not plowed yet at 8am either day) and three miles of paved township road (ditto yesterday, better today). Oh, and before I could even attempt to drive I had to brush 3-4″ of snow  off the car (yesterday; ditto today, plus scraping ice off the windows).





I am prepared for these conditions. My Sorel Snowlions are much cooler than these — mine are navy blue with navy and kelly green laces.

I am happy to report that I drove those 88+ miles yesterday and today safely and without incident.

Smokey, not so much.

He had an appointment for a stress test* at a hospital 40 miles away. He said he drove most of the way in 4WD, but when the pavement was black edge to edge, no snow nor visible ice, he shifted to 2WD.

And immediately did a 180˚ spin into the ditch. 

There was traffic oncoming and behind him, but happily, he did not get hit. A cell phone call and a $139.95 tow later, he was back on the road to his appointment.

And that’s why I call him Mr. Lucky.

* He is once again going to have a knee replacement. Let us all hope not to have a replay of his previous surgeries.

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9 Responses to Snow!

  1. Debra Henk says:

    Man, that sounds like the nightmare week from hell to me. I hate trainings like that almost as much as I hate winter driving.

  2. k says:

    Maybe Smokey is ambivalent about the surgery. Or maybe the powers are.

    We didn’t have that much snow, but we had enough. For some reason, most drivers are not idiots or assholes! I am pretty happy about that. Actually, very happy.

  3. Loreen Morrell says:

    Good luck Smokey…I know you will do just great! Tony told me so.

  4. Mary Jo says:

    All my best to Smokey. I want to read that his surgery went great. I am thinking about a knee replacement for myself. Needless to say, his first attempt was not inspiring, but I am sure all this time all will go very well.

  5. Kym says:

    He definitely has some powerful guardian angel thing going on! When is the surgery?

  6. Kat with a K says:

    I am thankful that you and Smokey travelled safely (even though Smokey’s Driving Angel had to do some active duty!!) and I hope the knee replacement goes smoothly and without any issues!

  7. gayle says:

    Maybe you should be the one to drive when it’s time to go for the surgery? And very very best of luck to Smokey when the time comes! (Hoping really hard for ‘uneventful’ to be the word!)

  8. Helen says:

    How was Smokey’s stress test after that little spin????

  9. Glad everyone survived physically well. It has been so cold and the roads here not great either.
    We cancelled our visit with mom last night, to stay safe during the ice storm. Mom would approve if she was aware, and I miss her. I’ll see her soon!

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