FO Friday: do I hear…?




…eventually became this, which turned into…


…this cowl.

Pattern: Underlying Structures by Jennifer Kirchenbauer. When I saw this pattern on MadameDafargeKnits, I knew I had to make it.
Yarn: Plymouth DK Superwash, color 1131.
Needles: US#5.

As I said on the Ravelry page,

I was fascinated immediately when I saw this pattern and HAD to knit it. I did only 2-1/2 repeats, thought, mainly because I was sooo sick of knitting it. For some reason — probably because it required actual THOUGHT! and PAYING ATTENTION! — I dreaded picking it up to work on it. Don’t get me wrong; this is a fairly straightforward pattern, it’s just that paying attention while knitting is not necessarily my strong suit. The shorter length works well, though; it drapes nicely around the neck. (And it sold for a nice price at the fundraiser.)

The fundraiser in question was last May. Like I said in another post, thank goodness for Ravelry or I would never remember what I knit.

Like this scarf, for instance.


Yarn: Eden Yarns Madil Print, color 40 Earth.
Needles: US#8.
Pattern: Mantego Bay scarf by Amy Singer.

This couple skeins of Madil bamboo had been in my stash for years. I had attempted to knit it several times but never found quite the right pattern. I finally lit upon Amy Singer’s Montego Bay, and it was perfect.

It also went into the silent auction back in May. When our guest speaker walked in, I went over to say hello. She complimented me on the scarf I was wearing (don’t remember now what it was, but I’m pretty sure it was something I had knit), and I had a brainstorm..


I dragged her over to the silent auction table and twisted her arm coerced persuaded encouraged her to bid on my scarf… because it would look PERFECT with the shirt she was wearing. And because she is such a good sport, she bid on it and won it.

When she is running for governor in 2018 (we beg!) I hope it will bring her luck!

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3 Responses to FO Friday: do I hear…?

  1. Mary Jo says:

    I love your scarf–Underlying Structures! I can’t believe I never looked at your project page on Revelry before. I am terrible about posting anything I knit. I take pictures, but never put them up then lose the details of yarn, pattern, etc. I am so happy people like you post your projects. I learn so much from reading the comments. Thanks for sharing!

  2. gayle says:

    That first one does look a *mindful* knit. Pretty, but mindful…

  3. KSD says:

    Underlying Structures is jaw-dropping. Beautiful.

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