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A bridge to crafting freedom.

For the introverted activists among us. Pussyhats. Afghan Maddie. An old knitting proverb. Be the grandma you want to see. Bunnies are adorable. Resistance is NOT futile. NaKniCroMo! Ahem.

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Knitter up! And, no good deed goes unpunished.

I am pleased to report that time and [nearly] a week of not knitting has largely cleared up my thumb joint issue. Can I get a big HURRAH! Although I had declared myself to be a non-knitter for a week, … Continue reading

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Spiky links.

“…we must now distinguish resolutely between the sickening and the terrifying.” via Germany talks to Trump. Wendy’s gets savage. They even marched in Antarctica. I find this terrifying.

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Well, that didn’t take long.

…and I say, Why not?

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Question(s) for you.

In the tradition of La Harlot, I am asking The Blog for advice. (This is also known as consulting the Hive Mind. You can decide for yourself whether you part of The Blog or the Hive Mind.) Younger Son, the … Continue reading

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Yarn is to snuggle.

This is one hella interesting hat. Not knitting, but kinda sorta related, since we all deal with color.

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The irony, it burns.

Washington Post, I am disappointed in you. This morning I was perusing photos of yesterday’s march on the WaPo site. One of the semi-annoying features of such a slideshow is that every six or eight screens is an ad for … Continue reading

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We are all linked together in this.

Caption really should be, “Here, ¬†hold my beer.” This bears re-sharing. via Klzyn. Atheist morality. Vaccinate your damn kids. Hot chocolate float. Just in case you want to call your representative…  

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Inauguration day.

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Escapist fantasy #3.

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