The Christmas train.

P1010125 (1).jpg

Smokey adjusting the speed.

My friend Colleen, who used to be the county librarian, now is the director of the county information center aka tourist info. She and Smokey were chatting about something and the upshot was that he set up his Polar Express train in the information center. A number of years ago he set  it up in the window of our library — it’s a travelin’ train!

And the spirit of Christmas is everywhere. On Friday I was ringing the bell for the Salvation Army, and a woman did two things:

  1. She put some money in the bucket, and
  2. She gave me a bouquet and thanked me for ringing!

Some criticize the SA for their stance on LGBT folks. I cannot defend that stance, and I oppose it, but the organization also helps people that no one else does. They run two halfway houses in my region, and I support that.

::climbs down from soapbox::

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3 Responses to The Christmas train.

  1. Helen says:

    Christmas is the season for toy train enthusiasts, isn’t it? The Domes (garden) in Milwaukee annually have an extensive layout during January in the dome they do season displays in.

  2. KSD says:

    Several of my friends have Christmas villages and trains. It’s a glorious addition to the other decorations.

  3. Kym says:

    Love the train. And thanks for the perspective on the Salvation Army. I tend to walk past the kettles — exactly because of their LGBTQ stance — but maybe I should re-think? XO

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