Happy festive links!

Decorative link.jpg

Are you kidding me?

Efficient Rendering of Heterogeneous Poly-Disperse Granular Media.

Oh, dear. Related.

Women have been badass for a long time.

The Unipiper.

Best can’t-make-it-to-class excuse EVAH.

Walk of Shame Snow Woman.

Travel advice from a very experienced traveler. Very tangentially related.

I hope you are not Catholic.

Helsinki in November.

US: Nobel laureates and getting killed by lawnmowers; Canada: maple syrup and asteroiod impacts.

A special Advent calendar-y thing for teachers. via beckyknittoo

Y’all need to know about the women of Standing Rock.

Holiday shopping stress relievers.

Cat videos. Dogs. Cats and dogs. Dog tag.

And one more dog thing: Piper the K9 wildlife eliminator at the Traverse City airport.



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1 Response to Happy festive links!

  1. gayle says:

    Love that world map! (I had to go look up Mohnflesserl, though…) (Now I want to make some…)

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