Scattered thought and occurrences.

  • (Apropos of this post title) We liberals are gonna feel pretty damned silly when we realize that the only people with guns are the while supremicists.
  • I was almost a part of history, but my schedule didn’t line up with the Wisconsin recount schedule, so I had to tell my county clerk no, I couldn’t help, when she called looking for volunteers.
  • Ditto when the Hillary campaign emailed looking for observers.
  • Damn, I am popular.
  • Pffft. Politics.
  • Ahem.
  • Younger Son emailed a week ago to say he had accepted the offer of the job in Amsterdam, planned start date September 2017.
  • It apparently took a few days to sink in that he would be moving over 4,000 miles and an ocean away.
  • Last Friday the emotions hit, and I was sad and teary for a couple hours, until four little words popped into my head: TULIP TIME IN HOLLAND!
  • No more tears, although there is still some residual sadness.

[digression] A couple few years ago I noticed a plethora — there’s that word that I never get enough chances to use ! — of blog posts  in late summer/early autumn from moms mourning the departure of their baby for college. Usually the departing child was a daughter. I remember doing a blog post ranting about what I saw as whining over-sentimentality. Kids are supposed to leave home at some point. What, you want a 25-yo living in your basement? Get a grip, mom! I am here today to apologize. Of course, we want our kids to leave home eventually; I now realize that such rationality does not preclude mourning their departure. I have now walked the proverbial mile in your moccasins and I am truly sorry for my lack of empathy. [/digression]

[digressionx2] As I was searching the blog for that post I noticed that some of my photos, particularly ones of outdoor scenes, looked rather washed out and overexposed. Do they appear like that on your monitors? or  is it just on mine? Perfectionist minds want to know. [/digressionx2]

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1 Response to Bulleting.

  1. k says:

    Isn’t there a dog involved? Sir Percy? Or don’t I want to know?
    RE: kids leaving home. Mine will probably never leave. Mixed feelings there.
    I observed the recount. Nearly total lack of drama; small county life, knew at least a few of the people counting. The biggest drama was a math problem; 239 plus 214 = 359. And the observers pointed it out. Excitement! Aside from that, no vote total changed more than one, and I learned several new ways of making your vote not count. Also, scatterings; when people write in some random person.
    Walmart has sold that pink .22 rifle I’ve been eyeing. Maybe it will be restocked for the holidays. We’ve been talking about having a holiday shoot-out; get all likkered up and go out to the gravel pit and shoot up a few boxes of ammo.
    Speaking of computers (were we?); I installed whatever it is – Sierra? Ugly icons, and they’ve done something to iPhoto, and iMovie is gone, I think. Ack.

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