Hungarian Dance #5, Johannes Brahms.

Cleaning my inbox. This link was provided by gayle, many many moons ago. 

Her comment: For some reason, I can picture Smokey building one of these in the garage.  I know he likes music…

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3 Responses to Hungarian Dance #5, Johannes Brahms.

  1. Kat with a K says:

    Oh my gosh! LOL Okay – if Smokey builds it, Steve (who is Hungarian) will come and dance to it! And, you and I? We can sit back and laugh uproariously!

  2. gayle says:

    (Heehee! You’re welcome!)
    So, is Smokey clearing out space yet?

  3. Kym says:

    Oh, my! That is FABULOUS! (And I’ll come be the audience when Smokey and Steve perform. . .)

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