So I went to Vogue Knitting LIVE in Minneapolis.

Do I have photos? 


Did I buy fantastic quantities of fabulous yarns?


Well, what did I do, then?

I took three morning classes. After my brain melted and drained out my ears halfway through the afternoon class at Yarnover last spring, I resolved never to take two classes in the same day ever again. Thus, one class per day.

My stash is weighing heavily on my mind. Mortality looms (not immediately, but I know I’m not gonna live forever, either.) I want to knit the beautiful, interesting, lovely, intriguing yarns that I have purchased with great anticipation over the years. The only way to do that is to not buy more yarn and instead shop my stash. (“When you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is to stop digging.”) Thus, no yarn.

Is it a coincidence that I have always typed yearn instead of yarn?

I learned a couple new cast-ons in Friday’s class, I (finally!) learned how to do mattress stitch and to sew knitted fabric together neatly in Saturday’s class, and I had a great time in Franklin’s Sunday class on color selection and knitting plaid.

Wait. I do have some photos of that last one.


We were instructed to bring 5 – 10 balls of worsted weight yarn in various colors. Check.


We all put our balls of worsted on a table, arranged by color family. Then we each chose a ball in a color we liked, one that would coordinate, and one that was a high contrast. Franklin, at left, discussing color choices with knitters.

The pony-tailed knitter in the purple at right is CathyCake, a past blogger whom I have met up with a couple times. I was leaving the convention center the day before and almost walked right past her. We had a long chat, during which we discovered that we were taking the same class the next morning 🙂

It was a pleasant weekend, far from politics, except that I tuned in to a 1-hour webinar on Saturday afternoon to train people to be League of Women Voters poll observers. I was scheduled to be a poll worker on election day, and my rural town clerk does not have a budget for training. LWV to the rescue!

Had dinner Friday and Saturday nights with Younger Son. I told him to pick out fun places that I had not been to, and he came through. Friday night was Lyn65, where I had sauteed scallops with roasted cauliflower. And prosecco, which I had never had before but wanted to try. (Thumbs up!) YS had a burger and fries, his standard order. Saturday night was Tiny Diner; he had the humungous sandwich pictured upper left at that second link, I had fries and crab cakes, mmm.

All in all, a nice weekend.

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2 Responses to So I went to Vogue Knitting LIVE in Minneapolis.

  1. Yearn instead of yarn. I love that.

  2. Kym says:

    I think I YEARN instead of YARN, too. (And I’m also committed to the stash-knit-down concept these days. Too much YEARN, for sure.) XO

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