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Inspired by Vicki*.

Create Your Own Visited States Map I have visited all 50 states except Louisiana, Delaware, and DC. Maryland was just long/far enough to park the car, get out, walk around the parking lot, get back into the car, and leave, … Continue reading

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He came back!

We so seldom see pileated woodpeckers here that I feel compelled to document each occurrence. Last one was in November, 2014. As the observant of you may guess, the above photo was not taken last week; it was in early … Continue reading

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I don’t know why this image came up when I searched for knitting.

I kinda wish I could do this, but the market around here is extremely limited, not to mention poverty-stricken. Not knitting, but still fabulous. Warning: do not shame your babies like this.

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Cold and snowy links.

Apparently he loves that sweater. Well, we are well and truly screwed. Somewhat related. The Trader Joe effect. Awww. What we can do. via “They didn’t even ask who I am.”

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The notorious RBG.

One of the blogs I follow is NotoriousRBG. The writers do not post daily, but often enough to keep my interest. A few weeks ago I read the book.   I was so enthralled I sought out this. i would … Continue reading

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I couldn’t sleep the other night. As I lay there I kept writing stuff in my head; not wanting to lose my deathless prose, I grabbed my iPad — which largely lives next to my bed — and sent myself … Continue reading

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Thankful for yarn and needles.

Every pattern needs a schematic. Nope. Yes, indeedy, needles work better. You think that scarf you knit was long? WTF(lock)? I will never knit this (because it takes me at least 2 years to knit a sweater, and I already have the … Continue reading

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Go ahead, fool. I dare you.

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We are locked into this for four years.

Somewhere… That’s how the light gets in. WTF, Zeus? Lower your blood pressure here. Somewhat related. Just the thing for the hipster Christian.

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A place to rest.

Gonna get ranty today. Proceed at your own risk. One thing Franklin said during  his color and design class resonated mightily with me: The eye needs a place to rest. Observe that principle’s opposite: In the hands of a master … Continue reading

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