Well-anchored links.

Anchor and chain.jpg

Do  you watch Miss Fisher? Because you should.

One definition of privilege.

Jackdaw… saved!

Hear, hear.

Wisdom. A bit sad but true.

This is not my cat.

Every mom knows this.

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5 Responses to Well-anchored links.

  1. Soxanne says:

    Great infographic on Miss Fisher 🙂

  2. k says:

    Miss Fischer looks like a young Diana Rigg, a.k.a. Emma Peel. That’s right, millenials, boomers beat you on this one too.
    And that’s not a jackdaw, that’s a spirit animal.
    Love the comment on privilege. So true.

  3. Kym says:

    Love Miss Fisher!

  4. gayle says:

    I’ve listened to a Miss Fisher audiobook, but haven’t seen the TV yet. Soon, I promise myself. Soon.

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