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Holding links.

Ellen and Shelley. Hydrophobic sand. German sense of humor.

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One down, next up.

Great event last night — A Night to Celebrate Women Candidates! Thanks to all who attended and special thanks to the two brave women, Diane Odeen and Mary Hoeft, who are running against incumbents*. We all have your back, ladies! … Continue reading

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This is me today. (This week.)

For sale here.

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Ten on Tuesday: done and to be done.

As usual I am unable to follow the rules properly; in this case, restraining myself to five items per list. Five Twelve Things I Did This Summer. Adopted a new dog. Donated double red cells (and was woozy the rest of the day). … Continue reading

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Squarely linked.

“The situation was different in the jungle. Every inch of ground had to be earned, and was done so through much exertion of the (crochet hook).” No clean houses here. Yarn bomb extraordinaire! Perfect use for that super chunky yarn. … Continue reading

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Links watch football.

When the urge to tussle outweighs common sense and reality. Dear Mama. The Notorious R.B.G. Knights in armor: a myth put to rest. A different approach to fireworks. Dancing to the Olympics. Links and more links from Chris.

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Gartering through life.*

The silly returns.   * I don’t know what it means, either. Life simply? Keep doing what you are doing? It’s just the phrase that popped into my head when I looked at the image.

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Rusty old links.

If you are one of those crazies who believes the earth was created on a Tuesday 6,000 years ago, you may find your mind blown by this. The worker’s plea. Clickbait syllabus. How to be more productive when that 3pm … Continue reading

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For all you Freddie Mercury fans (I know you are out there).

HT to soxanne for the link.

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*K1 P1* repeat across.

Knitting upside-down.

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