Knitting all over the world.

peru knitting.jpg


Hatz; or, How To Use Up Your Stash.

All I could think was, Perfect sweater for a 7-month pregnant woman.

Love this cable dragon. This, not so much.

Hemstitching gone wild.

omg, no. Still no.

Paws and carrots.

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6 Responses to Knitting all over the world.

  1. Kat with a K says:

    First off… the no’s are omg NO here. That is a desecration of wool! Hahahaha

  2. k says:

    I love the paws socks. I knitted two pairs of socks for Daughter out of that yarn. I think I should ask for one pair back, to make into those socks for me!

  3. Helen says:

    I made a bet with myself what you would have considered the 7th-month pregnancy sweater. Yup…I had the same thought when I saw it the first time. What were they thinking????

  4. galezucker says:

    Awesome linking. And the bathing suits…eeeeuuuuwww. Kinda like those socks with claws though.

  5. gayle says:

    Omg, no, indeed! I might have nightmares…

  6. kathy b says:

    Great hat sequence. Are they being donated?

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