Parades! A pictorial essay.

Once again, it is an election year, and election year means Parades! There were four in June, five in July, and zero in August. Go figger

There is always a lot of standing around before the parade…

…which gave me plenty of time to meet our fellow marchers.


Tractors are always popular.

What you may not realize about this unit is that the center little trailer had a functioning generator that ran a pump that pumped water into the sink in the third trailer.


Why? Who knows? Why not?





This is the car I drove for my candidate, a 1959 Chevy Biscayne in mint original condition (although I did have to remember not to put it into Park while the engine was running, and to put it into Neutral unless we were actually moving, and keep an eye on the temperature gauge).

The walkers who distributed campaign stickers to kids along the parade route always told them, “Watch for this car!”  (campaign stickers had an image of the car). When the car would appear the kids would go wild!

This was my usual view as I drove. My primary directive was Don’t run over any kids! because the kids loved to run into the street to grab the candy thrown by walkers and riders.


But sometime my view was rather more interesting.

Of course, there were other candidates in the parades…


…but who let these guys in? This is Packer country!

The high point of the summer was the Fourth of July weekend, with three parades in two days.

IMG_2646 (1).jpg

I persuaded my car-loving husband to drive the campaign car in one of those parades.


A fairly pleasant place to wait in the line up.


Anyone remember this?

The most fun of all for me was the parade in Siren on the actual Fourth, probably because it seemed to have the biggest crowds. Everyone was in such a festive mood!

Sometimes festive overflowed into weird, but that’s okay — everyone was happy!


Not sure if she was walking her lizard in the parade or just showing it the sights.

Red. white, and blue was the order of the day.


Even this kitten has a spray of red.


Got an airplane? Fold the wings and put it in the parade!

There were tired-looking bands and not-quite-in-sync flag wavers, but this was before the official start so it was fine.


Not all the spectators were curbside.


Law and order, always.





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4 Responses to Parades! A pictorial essay.

  1. Ruth says:

    Nicely written! And enjoyable to read! Thanks!

  2. Jeff says:

    What a nice collection of photos!

  3. gayle says:

    So much fun!
    Makes me miss my old hometown in Vermont, where they loved a good excuse to have a parade…

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