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Yarny links.

I picture this as a baby blanket; at some point the child would discover the bobbles and start playing with them as s/he fell asleep each nap time and night. Knitting pride. This looks like a quick and easy silent auction project; … Continue reading

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Link to the [cyber]world!

Visit all 59 national parks on your computer screen right here. Taxing sugary drinks seems to reduce their sales. Speaking of sweet stuff: blue honey. Okay, this apocalypse better be real or I want my money back. Toilet paper origami. … Continue reading

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Knitting all over the world.

Moggies! Hatz; or, How To Use Up Your Stash. All I could think was, Perfect sweater for a 7-month pregnant woman. Love this cable dragon. This, not so much. Hemstitching gone wild. omg, no. Still no. Paws and carrots.

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Link up, people!

What time is it? Calm Coca-Cola. Bird scouts. Feline olympics. I couldn’t stop laughing. (Probably NSFW.) How sunflowers do it. When in Rome, etc.

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TbT: back about 1996 or so…

That’s younger son second from right. Dark-haired guy got married a couple weeks ago.

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County fair!

Our county fair was a couple weekends ago. Perfect weather, hot but not ungodly so, low humidity, no rain (except when we were setting up, but we were inside the 20’x20′ tent so the rain didn’t bother much). I worked … Continue reading

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Knittity linkity.

Baby Yoda. We have all had something like this happen. We have all felt it. This seems like pure genius. Have any of you done it?

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Parades! A pictorial essay.

Once again, it is an election year, and election year means Parades! There were four in June, five in July, and zero in August. Go figger… There is always a lot of standing around before the parade… …which gave me plenty … Continue reading

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Links light the way.

A most excellent Twitter exchange. The new logo. Fibonacci as you have never imagined it. Voldemort asking about Horcruxes. Here is what started it. Mansplaining. Olympic symbols. Only big-busted women understand. The Olympics as you have never seen it on TV. Behind … Continue reading

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Lazy day!

How frickin’ perfect* is it that National Lazy Day falls on my birthday?! And that it happens every frickin’ year?! My plans for the rest of the day are knitting and watching The Code on Netflix this afternoon, then going … Continue reading

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