Mmm, links.

Sausage links

Median age of Fox News viewer is… 68.

A mere $3,000 to complete your concert bucket list.

Ravens are awesome.

Damn, I’m gonna miss her.

People who read more fiction are better at empathy and understanding others.

It’s amazeballs that our intestines work at all.

Another reason to breast-feed your baby.

Speaking of babies


Pokemon Go helps those with anxiety disorder. It also encourages exercise.


Packin’ heat.

The world’s most beautiful bookstore? Discuss among yourselves.

Purple blob: the scientists’ chatter is at least as entertaining as the blob.


Okay, here is the ranty section.

Sometimes the only choice is stopping the catastrophic nightmare.

[V]oting for Clinton becomes not only a preference but a moral necessity.

This is what the furious Bernie supporters need to realize.


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4 Responses to Mmm, links.

  1. kathy b says:

    that library. I cant. even. OH my gosh!
    I love ravens

  2. gayle says:

    A bookstore that could be a vacation destination! How perfect!

  3. Soxanne says:

    If I ever get to B.A. that bookstore is high on my list.

    Love the piece on voting for Clinton … good perspective and very sensical.

  4. KSD says:

    It would take me so long to begin browsing through the books — I’d be gobsmacked by the setting.

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